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Learn to play flute online

Who can benefit from these lessons?

These lessons are designed with a flutist in mind. Flute students of all ages and levels of performance can benefit from our programs, and aspiring teachers may also find our materials useful.

Besides receiving the flute lessons in the form of video lessons, graphical and music examples, tutorials and programs, Fluteland.com members receive help from highly qualified flute teachers in various styles. Flute students can learn not only flute basics and classical flute skills, but are also welcome to explore other flute styles and approaches. This versatility and openness will reflect on the students’ performance, and will make them more versatile and well-rounded musicians.

Professional members and schools benefit from Fluteland.com by getting exposure in the flute community, posting their profiles, articles and opinions on Fluteland.com. They will also have the opportunity to use Fluteland.com resources to help their students.

Flute players of any age and of any nationality can benefit from these lessons as well. For example, students in Japan can learn Jazz from expert teachers from USA. Adult students can pick up the flute whenever their busy schedules allow and learn at their own pace.

Again, we emphasize the importance of a regular teacher and suggest that you use our database of teachers to find the one that will suit you the best. If you cannot access one where you live, please consider taking lessons with one of our online teachers. It is extremely important to have proper guidance as you develop as a flutist (see student "Testimonials").