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Learn to play flute online

Online Lessons vs. Traditional Instruction

The mission of Fluteland.com is not to replace traditional flute instruction but to supplement it through offering flute instruction and materials available constantly. Since there are no geographic and time-zone limitations, Fluteland.com can deliver superior quality flute lessons to anybody around the world. Those looking into flute lessons can find student flutes for sale online.

Traditional flute instruction is irreplaceable. Personal contact with a teacher—which includes live listening, demonstration, playing together, etc.—is essential for one’s success as a musician. Fluteland.com encourages each of its students to find a good local flute teacher and study with him or her. We do provide a list of flute teachers to assist you in your quest.

Taking online flute lessons are especially beneficial to students in remote areas and with difficulties reaching a traditional teacher. Online flute instruction is the future of a well-rounded flute player, a successful beginner, or a self-taught flutist. What it provides is various and accurate flute material, flute practice tools, music theory, information on various styles, different levels of playing - all in one place. Even more importantly, it provides access to excellent flute teachers online that are able to teach various flute styles to the student over the Internet, regardless of the student’s location.

Ideally, online and traditional instruction work hand-in-hand to help students achieve their potentials as flute players
(see student "Testimonials").