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Learn to play flute online

Fluteland.com Lesson Plans Help to Learn to Play the Flute

As an additional resource to Fluteland.com flute students, we have added lesson plans to our online video lessons. Lesson plans are important as you learn to play the flute since they incorporate notated exercises and audio samples, and are closely linked with the video lessons already present at Fluteland.com. They are designed to provide a solid plan to learn and practice to play the flute.

To access these lessons, sign in to Fluteland.com, open the lesson window, and click on the lesson plans (most of these lessons are accessible only to our members - click here to become a member).

We sincerely hope that these lessons will help you with your practice and consequently make you a better flute player (see student "Testimonials"). Any comments or feedback is most welcome.

Kind regards and best of luck as you learn to play the flute.