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Learn to play flute online
What are These Lessons?


Fluteland.com lessons include on-demand video flute lessons, flute fingering charts, flute forums, video-conferencing flute lessons, live teacher responses to student questions and more. They are a flute study program that is accessible at all times at Fluteland.com.
Will I Get Any Results?
  We believe our flute lessons will produce real results since the video lessons cover all the basics of flute playing and are taught by a professional teacher. Also, our lesson plans incorporate notated exercises and audio samples, and are closely linked with the video lessons already present at Fluteland.com. They are designed to provide a solid plan of study and practice (sample lessons). These have been very helpful to students and since you can ask our teachers any question as you go along, you will have a complete study program, with quality material and support.
How do I Get Started?
  Click here and follow the on-screen instructions to create your account and make a credit card payment. After you become a member you have unrestricted access to all the lessons, plans and tools by signing in with your email and password.
What are the Methods of Payment?
  Our preferred method of payment is online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). However, if you prefer to make a payment by check or money order, please email us at support@fluteland.com for instructions.
What are the Hardware and Software Requirements?


If you can see sample video lessons and lesson plans, you will not need any extra software or hardware (only Flash is required, which almost everybody has). You will be able to see all the lessons. Optionally, if you decide to take live lessons with our teachers (through video-conferencing), you might need a microphone, speakers and possibly a web-cam and a free software available for download.
Will I Get Real Flute Teacher Support?
  Yes. Once you are member, any of your questions will be answered by a Fluteland.com flute teacher.
How do I Use the Lessons?
  Once you sign in into your member section of Fluteland.com, you will be able to access all the video lessons and lesson plans. It is suggested that you follow through these in order they are presented. If you have any questions during your studies, drop us an email or post a question to the discussion board and one of our teachers will help you.
What are Live Video-Conferencing Lessons?
  Live Video-Conferencing lessons are flute lessons that are delivered by using a microphone/headphones and a webcam. Student and teacher communicate in real time and are able to have a lesson without having to be in the same room or even the same city.
Where are your students/members from?
  We currently have students from USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Austria, France and many other countries. Fluteland.com is a truly international program.
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