Help with upgrade

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Help with upgrade

Post by tootyfluty »

Hi! I currently have an Azumi AZ2000, which I believe is an older model of the current AZ2, with a .958 Altus headjoint.

I've just started university and while I'm not majoring in music I am very musically active, playing in orchestra and band. I'm post-ABRSM Grade 8 level, and whenever I play more technical pieces it feels like the flute's reached its limit on how far I can go with it, and I'm considering on getting an upgrade to a high intermediate/entry level pro flutes. I plan on getting an all-silver one (as opposed to current plated body) while I'm at it.

I've tried out couple of flutes out already and sort of whittled down the options to a Miyazawa 402, Sankyo 301, Altus 1007/1107 (can't remember which) and Muramatsu EX (I would prefer GX but it's bit out of my budget!) The Muramatsu I absolutely loved but the fact that the EX has a plated body when I could get an all-silver one for a similar price is holding me back. The Altus sounds almost the same with my current one, I guess that's because its headjoint is pretty much the same as the one I'm using now, but I like the response I'm getting from it. I've been advised against the Miyazawa because apparently the Brogger system is very fragile and I may end up with frequent repair trips, and suggested if I were to get a Miyazawa flute I should get a second-hand pre-2005 one.

Does anyone have any experience with the flutes mentioned? Also why is the Muramatsu much more expensive compared to other brands with similar flute specifications? Do you think it's worth spending that extra?

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Re: Help with upgrade

Post by pied_piper »

All of those flutes are good choices. I've tried most of those brands but I've only played Muramatsu extensively. I bought my Muramatsu about 20 years ago and it has been an excellent flute. I play semi-professionally and it has served me well. The Muramatsu headjoint is particularly good and many players take to it quickly. Most of the sound of the flute is determined by the headjoint and both the EX and GX have the sterling silver HJ. In reality, many people talk about the difference between silver and plated, but for the body and keys, the difference is very miniscule if any at all.

In the end, you can't go wrong with any of them. Don't be so concerned about silver vs plated and get the flute that feels good to you and plays to your satisfaction.
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