Repeated loose screw

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Repeated loose screw

Post by flutegirlyass »

Hello, I got a pearl 765 flute around a year and a half ago, and around 6 months ago i noticed the screw between my g key coming loose. At first, it was no problem, but as time progresses the screw comes out more and more often. So often, that after i tighten it, after playing for around 6-10 minutes of a moderate paced song, I can feel my tone getting airy, and when Incheck my flute, its the same screw loose that i had tightened previously. What do i do?

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Re: Repeated loose screw

Post by SylvreKat »


Having gotten that straight, I do know that there's two different types of Lock-tight that keeps screws from unscrewing themselves. I first learned about the stuff on the scooter forum. So when I had a pair of hair shears that kept unscrewing its screw, I went to Ace/Westlake Hardware with them, and the nice guy had exactly the perfect stuff.

Since I also have very little hardware knowledge, I can't tell you what the difference is. I just know the two different types do different things.

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Re: Repeated loose screw

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Loctite works, but if you use the wrong type, it is almost impossible to remove. Instead, I suggest using clear fingernail polish. That is definitely removable, some flute techs use it, and you might even already have some in your house.

1 - Apply fingernail polish sparingly and ONLY on the head of the screw.
2 - That is only a temporary band-aid. If a screw is repeatedly getting loose when playing, there is a problem that needs to be addressed by a flute tech. It might just need to be disassembled, cleaned, and oiled, but the screw or steel hinge rod could also be bent - only your tech can tell for sure.
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Re: Repeated loose screw

Post by Bkeith »

I’ve had this problem in the last. Ultimately, my technician put in a new screw and that fixed the entire issue. I don’t trust myself enough to do that on my own! I definitely second the clear nail polish idea though!

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