Flute Cases (Bam, Wiseman, etc.)

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Flute Cases (Bam, Wiseman, etc.)

Post by Palukflute1990 »

Hello all,

I'm looking to replace my flute case. I play on a Muramatsu, but the velvet in the original case is worn down. The pieces rattle inside.

That being said, I'm looking to purchase a replacement case. Problem being, I can't find any reviews on cases and their practicality.

To get a replacement case from Muramatsu would cost me roughly the same price as a Bam, which would house everything I need in one. Can any one who does or has owned a Bam speak about it? I'm curious if it's worth the money. I used to have a similar backpack case (Protec I believe), but found that when it was closed, the keys were being pressed against the side of the slot, therefore slowly damaging the pads. I'd expect Bam would avoid that, but I'm nervous because of the cost.

Similarly, can anyone speak about Wiseman cases? Or perhaps any others they find reliable?

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Re: Flute Cases (Bam, Wiseman, etc.)

Post by SylvreKat »

I don't know about any cases myself as my horns all live in their original cases. But I just encountered Wiseman reviews on youtube. Seems everyone's in love with them. Supposedly massively strong. For the price, they'd better be. I would be tempted myself if their 5-horn case would hold a treble instead of an alto. Seriously, am I the only multi-flute owner without an alto, and with zero interest in owning one?

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Re: Flute Cases (Bam, Wiseman, etc.)

Post by pied_piper »

Well, my Muramatsu is still in it's original case so I can't share any personal experience, but a pro symphony flutist friend has one of the Wiseman Flute & Piccolo cases and loves it. She has had it several years and it has held up well.
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