What is sterling silver -Am?

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What is sterling silver -Am?

Post by isoc »

I have a 25-year-old Emerson. B foot, open hole, sterling silver head joint and body.

Looking at possible replacements. Considering a Yamaha 587H or a Yamaha 687H, for example. Both have sterling silver "Am" headjoints. What is Am?

The 587 has a silver plated body, but the 687 a sterling silver body.

Should I be concerned that the 587 body is not sterling silver, but only plated? The cost of the 587 is about $1000 more than what I paid for the Emerson, which has a sterling silver body.

When I get a bit better at playing I'll order both Yamahas for a trial, but Id like a little feedback here first.

Thanks, Ted

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Re: What is sterling silver -Am?

Post by SylvreKat »

When my Yami dropped below $1000, I called my repairman for advice. He said that plated hand-crafted Yami vs solid machined Armstrong was a no-brainer, that plated wasn't going to make enough diff as opposed to the craftsmanship which will.

Now as for plated vs solid Yami, that I can't advise on. I'd suggest getting each for a trial and see what differences you find. And see which one fits your playing best.

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