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Picc Advice

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Ok y'all, I'm looking to buy a piccolo. I need it for marching and concert band here in high school, and hopefully last for college too. I was looking at the Pearl PFP-105E as my "goal" picc, but it's pricey for a broke high schooler like myself. But again, I'd rather spend more and make a solid investment that will last a long time than buy a crappy picc that will barely make it one season. Also o was wondering if anyone has any experience with Kessler and Son's Composite Artist piccolo. It's very affordable, so I was wary of quality, and also wasn't sure if I could march with it as well. I'd rather not have to buy two piccs, (like a metal/hybrid for marching and then a wood one for concert band in college) so if anyone has any additional advice for getting around this or other picc recommendations they're greatly appreciated!

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Re: Picc Advice

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A composite picc will be fine outside. It's basically plastic, so weather isn't going to affect it like wood. See if you can find a model with both head joints, and get the best of both worlds metal/woodish. Check craigslist to see if there's any deals. Also look into WWBW's composite picc--I've never played one, but I have heard good things about it. Not the greatest horn, but a nice decent player.

Although honestly, there is absolutely no reason you can't play a metal picc inside. I played the piece of crap Artley for years. I still play my silver Gemi for band, even for our few indoor concerts. It depends on the song, if I play the wood or the silver. For example, the folk songs I used wood; the Journey medley is on silver. Our director (who is very outspoken) has never once commented about me on metal. And our resident professional composer insists I play my silver--he prefers its sound over the wood's.

Really, it's all about control, rather than what the instrument's made of.

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