Value of Zentner piccolo

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Value of Zentner piccolo

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I have a Zentner piccolo that I am planning on selling. It needs some minor repairs (new corking, new pads), but is in great shape otherwise. It is solid wood and very beautiful. i have been looking online at pricing for used Zentner's and have a general idea of what to ask for, but with the repairs needed am unsure of how much to ask. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Re: Value of Zentner piccolo

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There are two on eBay for around $1400 in good condition. I guess it would depend upon how much you hope to get from the sale?
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Re: Value of Zentner piccolo

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Plan on somewhere between $300-$500 for a quality repad and regulation of an intermediate piccolo like the Zentner. Fully repadded and adjusted, flute stores sell them in the $1800-$2000 price range.
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