Violent Music PLEASE RESPOND!! :)

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Violent Music PLEASE RESPOND!! :)

Post by BlaireElegante »

I have an english oral presentation coming up and my topic will be using different violent, dark, or ominous sounding music to relate to scenes in a book, this oral is 25% of my final exam grade and would love to do well on it, but what i need is more dark pieces, i've got a few like Bach Toccata and Fugue in D of course but i need more, hopefully it would be playable on flute because my teacher is a sap for anything musical. I also have some selections from Poem, and the Burton Sonatina mvmt II. So if anyone could make suggestions for more violent music pieces that i might be able to learn or just play for the class through a speaker that'd be awesome.



Re: Violent Music PLEASE RESPOND!! :)

Post by dwindladwayne »

Hi Blaire,
as a dark music lover, I suggest you:
-Prelude (& Fugue) No. 16 in G Minor WTC 2 (BWV 885) by Johann Sebastian Bach
-Piano sonata n. 23 "Appassionata" by Ludwig van Beethoven
-Etude n. 12 Op. 25 by Fryderyk Chopin
-Scherzo diabolico Op. 39 n. 3 by Charles Henri Valentin Alkan
-Suicide in an Airplane by Leo Ornstein (sadly modern..)
-Escalier du diable (Etude book 2 n. 13) by Gyorgy Ligeti

Hope it helps :)

p.s. I've read only now that it would be bettere if they were for flute solo;
-Reinecke's Undine
-Syrinx by Claude Debussy
-maybe Poulenc flute sonata?
Hanging around in youtube searching for some not-better defined "flute solo music" I founded a quite strange piece called "ouroboros" but I think that is unknown, and it showed up also Sciarrino's "Morte tamburo" that I thinks that it means "drum death" or something like that: surely not something happy :P

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