New flute and some

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New flute and some

Post by Thunderlily »

I got a new flute few weeks ago and just wanted to share. It's a Gemeinhardt KG special, open holes, inline (solid silver head, body and foot, gold plated lip plate and the inside of the headjoint). It's amazing. Stepping up from my silver plated one (also open holes and inline) was far greater than I expected. A friend had a kg special and I couldn't help falling in love with it so I watched ebay for weeks to find the perfect one. Just wanted to share the joy.

Also, I play some more instruments. Mostly because I got into instrument repair and I just want to learn as much about every instrument there is. I play flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet and (awful) french horn.
I take clarinet lessons along with my flute lessons so that's getting better (I have a student model bundy I fixed up).
I have a King Cleveland saxophone I bought in September that I play from time to time.
I fixed up a King Cleveland trumpet last spring (that's where my King love started) and I borrowed a french horn (badly abused) from my local music school where I take lessons.

Anyways, I just wanted to say I saw some threads where people want to learn more instruments but they're afraid they'll ruin their embouchure. I find that trumpet playing has just helped me use my stomach better and give me more air. It certainly hurts my cheeks at times but I don't see it ruining my flute embouchure. I'm done rambling now, what are your opinions on this?

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Re: New flute and some

Post by cflutist »

Congrats and enjoy.

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Re: New flute and some

Post by flutego12 »

Good for you Thunderlily!
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