How does one start?

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How does one start?

Post by ralgaoud »

Hey guys, I'm a 23 year old who has always found the sound of the flute appealing. I've had no training in music whatsoever, and would like to learn to play the flute, mostly for my own amusement. I'm sorry if I'm being naive, but I'm not quite sure how does one start. I've picked up a beginner's book on flute playing, from which I've been teaching myself how to read music. I haven't bought a flute yet. I've found a good institute that provides private flute lessons for a good price nearby (special offer going on) and I'm wondering if I should go for it? Can I go to a music lesson knowing absolutely nothing? :|


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Re: How does one start?

Post by pied_piper »

While it's possible to learn how to read music on your own, I strongly recommend that you take private flute lessons. It is always more difficult to unlearn bad habits than to learn correct technique from the start. I would suggest that you contact the music studio that you found and explain that you are a complete beginner. That way, they can hopefully match you with a teacher that is experienced with starting students on the flute. Some teachers only teach intermediate or advanced students, some only teach beginners, and some teach all levels. You want to be sure that you and your prospective teacher understand where you are starting and what your goals are. If possible, arrange a call or meeting with the teacher to discuss this in advance of your first lesson.
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Re: How does one start?

Post by Classitar »

Good Luck Ralgaoud! :D

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Re: How does one start?

Post by lianeandflute »

totally agree with pied_piper. they're teachers - it's their job to teach you musical knowledge and skills! that's why you would go to them. good luck :)
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Re: How does one start?

Post by Kaylyn »

Go for it! You have to start somewhere and if you can read a whole note you're farther along than I was when I started! That was 17 years ago!

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Re: How does one start?

Post by Bo »

I think you will also need some fundamentals in general music theory to get started, probably even before you start playing.
Good luck!

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Re: How does one start?

Post by cmybliss »

I'm in a very similar boat to yours. At the age of 35 I decided to pick up the flute so I could play with my daughter who is learning trumpet. I'm learning on my own, with lots of help from the great tutorials on YouTube and other sites. I would love to take real lessons, but just don't have the time. If you do have the time and access, I say to for it! Good luck, and have fun!


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Re: How does one start?

Post by flutego12 »

People have done it. But I would invest into getting a proper foundation laid - for the flute it seems it's multi-faceted - essential to acquiring skills in Tone, Technique, Articulation, Intonation & Vibrato, Breathing & Scales - key foundations that is so essential for those seeking to go as far as they can PLUS (for you) perhaps it would be useful to pick up some rudiments of music. A handful of the truly gifted have self taught themselves even composing without reading notes?. But I was schooled traditionally and am a hopeless note reader in my past musical "endeavours". Picking up the flute is a breath of fresh air - just one note to worry about at a time but needing to develop the essential skills to conquer the multifaceted physical requirements of Embouchure Control, Tone, Technique, Articulation, Intonation & Vibrato, Breathing, Scales ... etc etc and I AM LOVING IT!

You are embarked on a truly exciting and most rewarding journey. All the best!
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