Your thoughts on Sterling flutes from Australia on eBay.

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Your thoughts on Sterling flutes from Australia on eBay.

Post by JacobThompson » ... dZViewItem

Any opinions on this flute. I really want the low B, and they are supposedly modeled after the Yamaha 574 series and state they are closer to Jupiter in quality.

I'm really just getting into the flute and have a closed-hole student model currently and am looking to upgrade.

Does this look like a reasonable price? Would the tone tend to be a bit darker?

I couldn't find any reviews or speak of this on this site. Any opinions are appreciated. Looks like good feedback.

Thanks in advance.


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Post by Phineas »

I think you would do better looking for a used instrument like this one. ... dZViewItem

or something like this. ... dZViewItem

Just because a flute has a few features, does not mean it will make a good upgrade. The thing that bothered me more about the ad orignally posted was the fact that it came with a screwdriver. This is a clear indication that this flute may not be suitable for an upgrade. The only reason you would need a screwdriver is if the instrument is prone to fall apart! Quality instruments just do not do that! At least not often enough to need a screwdriver.

If you are on a budget, that is fine. I am not saying you may not be able to find a good playing Chinese made flute. however, hit one just does not look like a good one.


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Re: Your thoughts on Sterling flutes from Australia on eBay.

Post by woof »

When I went to the site the pictures I saw showed "sterling flutes" painted?? I think this is and indication of problems right off and the quality of the keys looked very bad as far as I could make out in the pictures. I would not go with this flute. IMHO

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