Jazz Flute Pieces

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Jazz Flute Pieces

Post by Mandera3 »

I was wondering if anyone knows of any good solo Jazz Flute pieces with Piano accomp. I am looking for something fun that will show off my technique for my Senior Recital and I am trying to play unique songs and would like a really cool jazz piece rather than the standard classical ones.
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Post by fluteguy18 »


I don't know about Jazz music, but in relation to just "cool" pieces in general...

Charanga by Michael Colquhoun. Definately BY FAR one of the coolest pieces I have ever heard. Lots of extended techniques [none of which are too hard] and a few latin rythms.

Also, a piece entitled Primeiro Amour by Papatillo Silva. You can hear a recording of it on miyazawa.com played by Tadeu Coelho.

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Post by pied_piper »

Try the Claude Bolling "Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio". It's written for flute with piano, jazz string bass, and drum set, but it can be played with just the flute and piano. It's sort of a crossover piece with both jazz and classical elements, but it is definitely very jazzy.

It has seven movements and ranges in difficulty from fairly simple to very challenging. I'm sure you'll find something that you can play. I especially like "1 - Baroque and Blue" and '3 - Javanaise". It's been recorded by Jean Pierre Rampal and you can hear some excerpts on Amazon:

http://www.amazon.com/Bolling-Suite-Flu ... B00006329Y

BTW - Movement 6 is written for bass flute...
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Post by Phineas »


When dealing with Jazz stuff, there is rarely anything written out other than a lead sheet with chord changes. On that note, here are some tunes you could look up that are show off type tune.

Spain by Chic Corea

Donna Lee by Charlie Parker

Oleo by Sonny Rollins

Confirmation by Charlie Parker

Black Ice by Jeff Lorber

Show Type Tune by Bill Evans

These are not the hardest tune in the world, however these are tunes that Classical people tend to gravitate to. Mainly because they are not to "swingy". These are popular enough that you may be able to find a piano part, and a flute part. Most of the time, these tunes are all written in the same key, so even if you do not find a matching set, 2 charts are often compatible.

If you need more information, PM me, I will try to help you out.


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Post by maggie »

You should search for Bill Holcombe's pieces.
He's the best! :)

I played some his pieces but that was long time ago so I forgot their captions..I remember only Rockin' the blues. Great stuff.

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Post by lhampton »

ian clarke has some pretty sweet stuff

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Post by etgohomeok »

If you look in the General Discussion section, I have a thread about a Jazz solo called Fish Are Jumping. I had fun with it, although it doesn't have piano accompaniment.

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Post by Liwen_gothflute »

Wow, thank everybody for this "repertory", i like jazz :D
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