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Quick question

Post by flutietootie85 »

Okay I was just wondering about my piccolo. I can get to
an 3rd octave G on mine but on others I can get all the way up to a B natural.
Do you think it could be the quality of the instruemnts or the pads or something
that is causing mine ot be harder to play than my friends? I''m finding this
very frusterating because I''ve been working very hard to hit the higher notes
but it doesn''t seem to be working very easily. i bought mine from wwbw.com
for 309 bucks and is made by the company Lazer...my friends is a nice Yamaha
that was around 7oo dollars..so I was wondering if anyone knew what could be the
problem with mine. Thanks![:)]
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Quick question

Post by tarzaflute »

Hi, you say u can do it on your friends piccolo so
chances are yours might just need to be repadded or something like that. Is the
shape of your friends embochure hole different to yours, or like mine, is yours
just the embochure hole without a lip plate? It could be a number of things I
guess but if yours doesn't have a lip plate and theirs does, or vice versa,
that might be why. Just get your teacher to check to see if the pads look worn
or if they're sticking, that may be the only problem. If you list the specific
differences between them I might be able to help more [8)]

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