What do you prefer?

Flute History and Instrument Purchase

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What do you prefer?

Post by juneroses »

(Just a survey thingy, pick your personal preference for each) ^_^


Open hole

Silver plated


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Post by ick27 »

I've never heard of Venus flutes before. Do you know where they are made? What are they like?

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Post by pandagirl11 »

Well...I'd prefer Trevor James...but from the list, Yamaha, open-holed, solid silver head...preferably a solid silver body too but silver-plated body is fine.


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Post by fluttiegurl »

1. Pearl (Japanese made models - Dolce, Elegante, Maesta, etc)
2. Yamaha (any model above 500 series)
3. Armstrong Heritage model
4. Gemeinhardt KGM series - Pearl Quantz (made in Taiwan)are about the same
5. Gemeinhardt - Yamaha - Armstrong intermediate models are pretty much the same in my book and should depend on the player. However, Yamaha seems to be better manufactured than the others, and stands the test of time a little better.

Student flutes:
1. Yamaha (because they come with a great warranty)
2. Gemeinhardt (A LOT cheaper)
3. Armstrong
4. Pearl

I would not even consider Venus. Stick to known brands.

I play on open hole flutes, and strongly encourage my students to do so at some point because it is an expected norm here in the US. As far as metals are concerned, I prefer gold over silver, but who can afford it? :shock: Engraving is beautiful, but just another marketing gimmick. I would rather spend that extra money on something useful (like a C# trill key :wink:)

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Post by monkey »

I like
and closed-holes! - well acctully I have never played a open-holed flute so I wouldn't exactly know! lol and the same thing with the flute I have only played a armstrong so I wouldn't really know which one is better.

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preferred flute

Post by JTF »

I prefer a Pearl, because of high-quality tone in higher notes. Closed holed, because I'm not good enough to play open-hole, and i think my flute is a nickel-aluminum alloy... lol, no precious metals at all.

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Post by auletes83 »

Of the brands you listed, I've had the most success with Yamaha, although if money were no object I'd buy a Brannen. I prefer silver head and body, and open holes, since that combo gives me the best tone quality.

I've never had engravings but I don't object to them: apparently for some people they're quite useful for preventing the embouchure from sliding around the lip plate.
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Post by Claiken »

Yamaha Closed-hole Silver are my choices.. but ive never played an open hole... so i dont know... but i cant imagine it being that easy becuase my fingers are little

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Post by Caroline_Fluter »

Yamaha open-holed... preferably a gold headjoint and a silver body.

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Post by EddieDean »

I've played on a Yamaha forever and it is a FANTASTIC flute.....I probably don't take care of it as well as I should, but it's held up with amazing tone and durability.

Personally, I can feel a huge difference playing on an open and closed hold flute. I don't feel like I can "sing" with a closed hole flute anymore, though I'm sure others would disagree.

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Post by FltnPicc_David »

I shall rank levels one to three.

1:Gemeinhardt - not because I own one but because they are responsive and easy to play. A great beginner name brand.

2:Yamaha - great warranty and absolute beautiful response (I played a school Yamaha before getting my crappy BANDNOW flute and then my new Gemeinhardt)

3:Pearl - I havent played one but from what I hear I guess it's the only one I have left to trust, heh.

Don't get a Venus. Stick to better known names

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Post by Band_Geek »

1. Armstrong- A very popular brand. I use an Armstrong flute. Couldnt sound any more better.

2. Geminhart- Another good brand. Very popular.

3. Yamaha- This is my personal opinion but Yamaha flutes, although they are popular and sound very well, you have to adjust your lips to a certain degree to get a clear sound from a Yamaha.

4. Pearl- I know nothing about Pearl flutes but I do know they are A LOT better than Venus.

5. Venus- Probably one of the worst brands you could get. If you want to get a Venus, be sure you have a lot of money and handle it with extreme care for it breaks very eeasily.

Open holed flutes sound very, very beautiful. However, you have to completely cover the holes with your fingers or else you wont get nothing but air.

Silver plated- I own a silver plated flute and piccolo. The flute has lasted 4 years until I got it cleaned this past August for school. Same thing with piccolo. Dont know much about actual silver or gold. Im guessing it would cost much more?

Engravings, IMO would seem to get in the way of playing.

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Post by Phineas »

The favorate flute I own is an english made Buffet/Crampton International model

Good quality, but heavily over ratted and over priced.

These are ok instrument. a little too light an airy for my tastes, but they are depenable for the most part. Would not be my first choice but would play one if I had to.

Actually for the price, not bad. However, you get what you pay for. I have of these in many differnt colors both flutes and pics. After some minor adjustments these flutes/pics play pretty good(Dont sound bad either). The problem is they are so cheap, they are disposable. Another problem is the quality is not consistent, so I would not recommend one of these to a beginner unless I looked it over first. I still have a Blue, Red, and a Purple Pic, and a Blue and copper color flutes. The quality is getting better, but always rememebr you get what you pay for!!!!!

Not a glamerous brand, but I will always have one somewhere in my collection. Lets us face it, would you take your 7000 dollar Haynes outside to play in the rain in a marching band.....nope. Neither would I. But a trusty 104 can not only sound and play good, it make a good weapon!
I also own an Armstrong 210 Piccolo, and it is the best playing pic I own.

A Quantz Coda with a Forte headjoint will be my next instrument! Nuff said! Best flutes for the dollar right now.

Open hole

Silver plated

You will find that flute design, and headjoints make the flute sound more than the material, or whether it is an open or closed hole.


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