Flute/Piccolo cases/bags. Interchangeable?

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Flute/Piccolo cases/bags. Interchangeable?

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Can all flute cases/bags hold piccolos and can all piccolo bags/cases hold flutes? I'm a little confused. I'm shopping online for a flute case or bag and a lot of the sites have the piccolo cases mixed in with the flute cases. Some say they can hold both, but some don't specifically say they hold both.

I'm just wondering what the deal is.

Some sites like walmart have separate categories for them Flute Cases and Piccolo Cases

But then some sites have them in the same category mixed together.


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Re: Flute/Piccolo cases/bags. Interchangeable?

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As you observed, there are cases for flute only, piccolo only and there are combination cases that will hold one of each. You'll just need to carefully read the ads.
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