improving my breath support

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improving my breath support

Post by flutietootie85 »

IS the only way you can improve your breath
support and how long you can go without breathing long tones? Or is there
another option too? I have district band in less than a month and I wanted ot
improve all that before I tried out, any suggestions?
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improving my breath support

Post by damjan »

There are several breathing exercises you
can do. First, you can download the Breathing for the Flute video from (it is free) - it will give you some very useful info. Exercise:
lie down on your back and put a book on your stomach. As you inhale, your
stomach should go up (breathe with your diaphragm) - when you exhale, make sure
that the book does not go down. In other words, keep your lungs expanded, this
will build up muscle and give your more air capacity with time. Look at the
video, it will help. Regards,
Damjan, --- Teacher

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improving my breath support

Post by lhampton »

I had the same problem. A flautist in the
symphony told me to play an F scale, with the use of a metronome (spell check),
and play it at FF and 60 bmp. It's really hard, but after you practice it, you
see that it starts to improve your breath support greatly. Also fill up as quick
as possible. And just keep at it. Leanne

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