starting all over again

Basics of Flute Playing, Tone Production and Fingerings, Using Metronomes, Scales, Tone, Studies, etc.

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starting all over again

Post by nomad »

I''m beginning on the flute all over again. I
played it all through school, even went to college on a full ride music
scholarship but when I graduated I had had enough and I quit. I''ve only
picked up my flute occasionally since then, almost 10 years now. I''ve decided
to start practicing again but I don''t like the way I sound and I can only
play for 10 min before I have to quit because my mouth gives out. How long will
it take me to get more stamina? Is my tone going to improve? I still HATE
scales, any ideas for making them more fun? I''m also considering finding a
teacher but I''m not sure what to look for. Any ideas are greatly
appreciated!! Thanks!

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starting all over again

Post by damjan »

Lip muscles, like any other muscle, weaken if
you don't excercise. As you play more and more, you will be getting back in
shape, probably in a couple of months. With scales, try practicing them in 6/8
time, through two octaves (you will have to go up and down 3 times before you
land on the downbeat on the tonic). This makes it rhythmically more interesting,
for me at least. Also, if you think of them as melodic passages rather than only
scales, it is easier do deal with (I never liked them either but you still have
to do it). Just be patient and play a lot of things that you like to play, not
just straight-ahead practice, it will definitely make it more enjoyable.
Regarding a teacher - ask around to see who is a good in the area where you live
and in the style of music you are interested in. Best of luck.
Damjan, --- Teacher

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starting all over again

Post by OhioFlutist »

Hey, Nomad... I was in the same boat a couple
of months ago. Hadn't touched my flute for nearly 10 years. When I started back
up, I was appalled. But after two weeks of long-tone exercises three or four
times a week, my stamina started coming back. Don't start on the extremes,
focus on the middle register. I found Trevor Wye's books incredibly helpful,
too. After a couple of months, some things are better than they ever were, but
not everything is up to snuff, especially my fingers. I have lots of work to do,
but I'm pretty excited about the progress I've made with respect to my tone
and intonation. What kind of flute do you have and what shape is it in? If the
skins are cracked on the pads, the leakage might be adding to the difficulty you
are experiencing getting your chops back. And your axe might have some
idiosynchrasies to which you had accomodated in college that your chops may have
forgotten about. I have been reading a whole bunch on musical acoustics and the
information has certainly helped me approach my flute in a different way, too. I
hope this is helpful. Best of luck to you! Stay in touch and report your
progress from time to time. John

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starting all over again

Post by RobinM »

Hi. You think you are in bad shape. I haven't
played my flute in 30 years but I want to get back into it. I was good enough to
have been given the opportunity to play in an orchestra, but didn't take it.
The decisions we make when we are kids!! UGH! Anyways, I picked my flute up a
few weeks ago and started to play. Even though I couldn't remember how to read
all the music, my fingers just seemed to know where to go. It was odd, but I
could still play. Now I want to be as good as I was way back when. I live in an
area where they aren't any local private teachers, so I came looking out on the
internet in search of help and found the Fluteland.Com website. I haven't
joined as a member and am looking to see what people think of this site... the
lessons, the teachers, etc. In the meantime, I did get my flute an overhaul of
sorts because some of the pads needing replacing, etc. Your thoughts??

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starting all over again

Post by BandSlave »

Other ways to make practicing more exciting is
to work on your tuning, if your fingers or mouth is tired, try to make it a
"game" to see how long you can keep the tuner still at a perfect pitch. I'm
pretty bad at it, but it helps with tuning, so you can constantly hear the note,
and it helps you notice how your air support is. Scales are quite a bore
sometimes, so I recommend doing them, like Damjan said, with different rhythms.
It's more interesting and it helps when you have new music. Best of luck to all
of you! -Abby

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starting all over again

Post by sweetensour »

ooo every time i hear 'tuner,' i remember
what my band directors have always told me.. (it's engraved in my head) when
you want to tune your instrument and have a tuner handy, play your note first
and sit on it a while, then look at the tuner. if you look at the tuner then
play, you're just adjusting to the tuner and you don't really know if you are
sharp or flat.

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