Flute - Bb Flute. Need to transpose?

Basics of Flute Playing, Tone Production and Fingerings, Using Metronomes, Scales, Tone, Studies, etc.

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Flute - Bb Flute. Need to transpose?

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I'm Ricki, I'm new these boards. Quick Hello before I move on and hope that you can clear things up for me.

I work for the British Army, and as Infantry we have our own Corps of Drums. Traditionally we only play Bb Flutes, F Flutes and Drums in the Corps. Flute music is available all over the internet, however as the flute I play is a Bb, does that mean that flute music written for a flute needs to be transposed so that I can play it correctly, or can it be played as it is written.

While I can play the flute well, we don't get taught so much in the way of theory. Only enough to read music.

Thank you very much for any help!


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Re: Flute - Bb Flute. Need to transpose?

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Welcome Ricki!
It would seem that if you want to play with instruments that are in C, transposition would be necessary

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