Trouble blowing E and F (aww bless him!)

Basics of Flute Playing, Tone Production and Fingerings

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Trouble blowing E and F (aww bless him!)

Post by samuelpea »

hi, been playing for about a week and i can play all the mid octave notes apart from e and f, i seem to be able to play them in the octave above and can roll onto those notes from others, but cant seem to play them by themselves.

I understand the answer to this question is definatly practice but am after any advice at all


caitlin i
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Your question was posted in May so by now you have probably figured out how to produce E and F. My suggestion to my beginner students when certain notes won't speak is to compare to the ones that do and try to create the other the same way. Of course this is easier to help with in person. Have you sought a private teacher?
Good luck.

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