Split E Arm; is this OK?

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Split E Arm; is this OK?

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Hi all, I started to learn the flute during lockdown so I decided to buy one second-hand on eBay as I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it; so far I have been. However, since I purchased it I’ve been having problems with certain parts, some of which I’ve now fixed (readjusted the heights of keys), I’ve also enjoyed getting to know the mechanisms and how these work.

Anyways, what I wanted to ask about was the split E arm, the flute I bought online has a slightly twisted one and from the pictures I’ve seen online the bar that controls this should be perfectly parallel to the other bars; is this right or is there something wrong with this? From what I’ve seen it means that they arm doesn’t close the second G key when the e key is pressed.

I've linked a picture below to show what I mean.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/k88ro46rfy7t5 ... .jpeg?dl=0

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Split E Arm; is this OK?

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Something does look a bit out of line. It might be bent or there might be a loose screw allowing it to slip out of position.

Can you share some additional photos from different angles/perspectives?
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Re: Split E Arm; is this OK?

Post by fadosolrelamisi »

please add a photo about the other side of the flute in order to see problem exactly. Can you add more photos? thanks.

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