Help - Struggling with the fingering

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Help - Struggling with the fingering

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Hi there,

I originally played flute at school for 2-3 years and have just come back to it 30 years later! I am teaching myself right now which I know is not the best way to learn. Anyway I seem to be having problems co-ordinating the switch between B flat & F, any tips that would help me? It's also hurting my pinkie finger so all advice welcome. Thanks

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Re: Help - Struggling with the fingering

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The best way to coordinate the change between B flat and F is to repeat the change repeatedly until it works perfectly, first slowly and then speed up. As for the pain of the little finger it can be for several things:
1-That you have a bad posture of the hand.
2-That you press your finger against the D flat key too much.
3-That the D flat key is too hard.

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