Rapid C natural to D natural in Peer Gynt "Morning"

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Rapid C natural to D natural in Peer Gynt "Morning"

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Hello fellow Flute Enthusiasts and Happy 2020!

I'm seeking feedback on your preferred fingerings for the rapid C natural to D natural passages in the Peer Gynt "Morning" sequence.

1) I don't care for the sound of the C to D using the trill key. The D sounds terrible and it feels like an awkward change for the following note.

2) I've found I can cheat by playing the C with my right hand fingers down. The C natural sounds pretty good and the D of course is with the normal fingering once you depress the left hand fingers.

3) The customary C natural and D natural fingerings sound best, but they are a bit awkward when played fast.

Any other suggestions? I meet with my teacher tomorrow and want to prepare with a couple options before I see what she advises.

Thanks and have a great day 🌝🖖

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