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Re: composite

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stoeckle wrote:So, Missy,

How's the flute you ordered in March? Tell us, tell us!
Check out this thread.


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I wrote a bit about it in a new post entitled "Orpheo Composite Flute" (I think that is the title ....), but basically I said that it's an OK flute, but not one I would consider my #1. It does have the basic tone of a wooden flute, sounds kinda like a tenor recorder; however, drawbacks I noticed are that it is not as emotive as I would like, the dynamics don't give as much contrast as I prefer, and the upper registers can be difficult to keep in tune. However, for my purpose in purchasing it, the flute is good. I also believe that it would be a lot of fun to play jazz with; but, since I am classical, can't really confirm that one. For the price, tho, it is ok.

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