Introduction and Help Request - YFL-225 SII

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Charles D
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Introduction and Help Request - YFL-225 SII

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Hi, I recently decided to return to playing flute after 25 years, so I ended up purchasing an inexpensive Yamaha YFL-225 SII that had spent a little too much time in storage. Playing flute again was as pleasant and easy as I expected, but the flute was quite dirty inside and I contracted bronchitis within a couple of days of testing it out. Fusarium is a nasty fungus, check for mouldy head corks on used flutes before playing!

Having had a little experience with flute repair I set about replacing and cleaning everything. The flute looks fantastic now and sports a delrin head cork, new pads and fresh felts; the only problem is that I can't get it to sound anything below G. I think the felt is too thick and threw the geometry out of whack. Does anyone know where I can get proper felt for this flute?

Thanks for creating this site, the fingering chart is a nice resource.

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Re: Introduction and Help Request - YFL-225 SII

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There's a reason IKEA doesn't sell flutes you know...

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