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Taiwan Flute

Post by Rmarty7 »

I have just acquired a Flute that has the name Stradolin on it and Made in Taiwan. No need for any worth information but would like to know what the quality level is and if the Flute is good enough to start learning the Flute on? It appears to be working with all of the mechanics and pads in good shape.

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Re: Taiwan Flute

Post by raspberry »

is it a flute like this one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Revere-Stradoli ... 2042048722

Considering i have never heard of the brand and I can't find anything on google about it, its either probably really old or really cheap. Take it down to your local music store to get a COA(clean, oil, adjust). As for you saying that you think the pads are in good shape, considering you haven't even started to learn how to play flute you are in no way qualified to determine the condition of your flute, and if you see anything wrong with it(screws, sings, keys, etc.) DO NOT MESS WITH IT. You probably have no idea what you are getting into. Try getting a used flute for less than 500 dollars and don;t buy a flute from a shop without research first. When I bought my first flute I had no idea what i was doing and I ended up paying 750 for a used Gemeinhardt that wasn't even 500 new, i should have gotten it for 300 but i didn't do my home work.

A good new flute for 480$

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