"High End" Delrin/Polymer Flutes?

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Re: "High End" Delrin/Polymer Flutes?

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Most of the players on this forum primarily play the concert/orchestral flute developed by Boehm. Chiff and Fipple would be a forum that would probably be more helpful to you. That being said, I play many kinds of flutes and lurk in both forums. :)

I have both wood and polymer/plastic/resin flutes, but most of them just sit in my closet until I need them for a pit orchestra/church gig. I mean... really? As long as you like what you play, I don't think it really matters with these kinds of flutes. Generally due to manufacturing processes, most wood flutes are better than their plastic counterparts. But it's only because most plastic flutes are geared toward student level players, and are not made as well. Quality high end makers that use both materials will also use nearly identical processes, and as a result, the prices will be nearly the same. Cost usually reflects labor expense, not material expense (unless you're paying a premium for a specific exotic material... then you pay a bit extra for acquisition/prep costs and the 'wow' factor.)

Keep in mind that some makers use both materials simultaneously... Abell (uses a delrin plug in the windway of his whistles while the remainder is grenadilla/ Dalbergia Melanoxylon), Zentner piccolos often had some delrin stoppers/crowns, some makers are vacuum drying wood and then infusing them with acrylic so that the wood is stable, some makers coat the bores with acrylic or line them with some sort of composite... Wood vs. Plastic is not what it used to be. :)

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