Need help on buying a new flute

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Need help on buying a new flute

Post by justanotherflutist »

Hey everyone

I'm in high school but I plan on majoring in flute performance when i get to college. I wouldn"t consider myself beginner at all I'm an advanced flute player (I'm saying this because I don't want to be recommended a beginner flute). I've been looking for a flute that's going to get me through high school (I won't be using this flute for marching) and when I audition or join a college level music class. I've been looking at some flutes and the ones that have caught my eye are: Azumi S3 RBE, Altus 907 RBE, Pearl 795 RBE CODA 10 K solid gold lip plate, and the Muramatsu EX RCE. (although I'm looking for a flute with b foot extension so that one is a maybe.) Which one would you go with? And if possible I'd like to know more about your opinions on the Azumi S3 as that's the one I'm siding with buying at the moment.
I'm open to any recommendations on a new flute too. I'd love to hear what you think about these flutes. :D

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Re: Need help on buying a new flute

Post by JButky »

If you are going to be a performance major in college, your teacher may have other ideas on how much of a flute is necessary. Some will accept any of those models. Some will say you need at least the Altus or the Muramatsu, others will say that you need a higher model than any of those you mentioned.

The Azumi is a very good flute for the money, But hey, I'm biased!
Joe B

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Re: Need help on buying a new flute

Post by raspberry »

I agree with JButky, Azumi is a good brand of flute for a fairly good price. But really, a C foot joint doesn't matter a flute not being to be able to play the most rare notes on flute really does not matter, the chances you will actually need this are pretty slim. But when I looked on Fluteworld the muramatsu flute had a b foot. But in regards to the gold lip plate, don't waste your money, lip plate material has absolutely no effect on sound(at least thats what i always heard but head joint material does matter) so rather than spending more money on a useless decoration, spend it of a slightly better flute. has some pretty good deals, and you can do good research on flutes there. But you know, I would recommend getting a solid silver head joint, body and foot joint. In your price rang you could easily afford a yamaha 600 series flute or powell sonare 705, which in my opinion are much better flutes Specifically if you get the powell sonare 705Kt with the 9k gold head joint which world make a world of difference in sound quality. Remember that when you are looking for a new flute pay attention to the features, but pay a TON of attention to the maker. You want your flute to be handmade by a very good company. All of these flutes are available on Flute world. Best of luck in your flute journey :D


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