classical-ish flute music for street music

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classical-ish flute music for street music

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hey guys.

first of all, my mother tongue is not english, so please bear with me.
and i am not an educated flute player, a self taught amateur musician here.

i play flute on the streets for a little bit of money as an engineering student in my country. mainly i play our pop music, our traditional music pieces, some religional songs, soundtracks and some well known western pop music songs. but i feel like if i can play some classical pieces, i d be even more noticed on the streets.

now, let me tell what i mean by classical pieces. i know since i have not been exercising properly and with a teacher, i know i am so away from being able to play most of the classical pieces for flute. and thats why i am asking you to suggest me some slow, easy to play classical music pieces for any instrument that can be played by flute. for violin, piano, flute, or even opera pieces. anything you think would sound nice with flute. any suggestion would make me so happy.

other than classical pieces, you can freely suggest me any kind of music for buskind as well. for example one of my foreign friends suggested me to play other country's traditional musics such as japanese "sakura sakura" or korean "arirang" and that suggestion made me many friends (at any age) good money :P

thanks in advance.

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Re: classical-ish flute music for street music

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