Powell 9k Aurumite or silver conservatory flute

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Powell 9k Aurumite or silver conservatory flute

Post by RenzowithdaBenzo »

So I know Powell's conservatory line have an aurumite flute with the gold on the exterior and in the custom line they have gold in the interior. I have been looking at either the Conservatory silver or aurumite, but I haven't gotten a chance to try them yet. Im not sure if the exterior gold will make much difference to the sound since it's on the outside. Has anyone tried them and noticed a difference with where the gold is distributed?

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Re: Powell 9k Aurumite or silver conservatory flute

Post by fluteguy18 »

Really it's a matter of personal preference and opinion. I personally think that the differences in sound are attributed more to the difference in manufacture quality and design. For quite some time now Powell has been diversifying its production portfolio, opening the Sonare and Signature lines in addition to expanding the Conservatory line. They've also started stenciling a line of Saxophones (under the Sonare name as well perhaps). When people talk about getting a 'Powell' it brings to mind the nostalgia of when the company had a waiting list a mile long and they only made the custom line of flutes.

Both flutes are great. You have to try them. The differences you will probably notice however are in the quality of construction. The custom line is much meatier, heftier, and packs more of a punch in the hands of a player that can accentuate those characteristics of a finely crafted top-end flute. But that's not to say you will like it better. If you are buying a flute in that range, try out every option available to you, try them all out with extra sets of ears available to listen, and get the best flute for YOU. Keep in mind however that an ideal flute for YOU is different for an ideal flute for someone else. An ideal flute highlights your strengths, improves your weaknesses, allows plenty of room to grow, but takes effort to play well. What I mean by 'effort' is that it takes more control, more precision, and absolutely demands that you become a better player in order to sound good on it. A good upgrade not only makes you better, but requires you to become better.

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Re: Powell 9k Aurumite or silver conservatory flute

Post by PiccoloBoy14 »

When I played around with the aurumite flute with the gold on the outside versus the sister flute I full sterling, I did notice that the air unite had an ever-so-slightly warmer sound. But I'm not sure of this is worth the extra money for it. Hope this helps.

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Re: Powell 9k Aurumite or silver conservatory flute

Post by laurenkaye1995 »

I played on a few of both of these flutes yesterday, and personally liked the Aurumite flutes better than silver, however, it is definitely a matter of preference. Test play both equally and see what you like best! I don't think either is really 'better' than the other.

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