Bach Double

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Bach Double

Post by Ronald »

Is the Bach Double playable on the flute?

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Post by biggzh »

I'm gonna presume when you say "Bach Double," you are referring to the Double Violin Concerto in D minor BWV 1044 (Also transcribed to harpsichord BWV 1062... why do I know these numbers off the top of my head?).

In original key, without a lot of work, it would be impossible to play on flute, as range that Bach employs in the concerto goes below the main range of the flute.

I did transcribe the concerto to G minor, which makes the work playable for the flute, but not the violin, as that goes much to high on the violin. So, the great question is; do you want to do a flute-flute duet, which is possible, or do you want to do a flute-violin duet, which isn't possible.

I could try to transcribe the concerto so that it stays in D minor and can be played by both flute and violin (and would be much easier on the accompanying parts); but it would take some time.

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