Do I need my Pinky on certain notes?

Basics of Flute Playing, Tone Production and Fingerings

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Do I need my Pinky on certain notes?

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Hi, I am a newby on flute. Play a little trumpet and other instruments and I am learning the trumpet now. I am wandering about finger positions. E.g. if I play a C, B, A, G, Do I need to also press the key with my pinky on my right hand (I mean if so many keys are open before the right hand pinky I can not imagine it 'does' something other than gripping the flute with the right hand. I do not hear any difference in the sound either if I play these notes with or without the right hand pinky. So what is the 'golden rule'?

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Re: Do I need my Pinky on certain notes?

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Short answer: YES!
Part of the reason is helping to properly balance the flute but it also affects the venting of notes so if the fingering charts show using the pinky, use it.
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