Online Flute Lessons with The Flute Coach have LAUNCHED!

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Online Flute Lessons with The Flute Coach have LAUNCHED!

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Over the past few weeks I have been busy planning, testing, connecting, building (and rebuilding!) to create a new and effective learning platform.

I’m excited to introduce… Online Flute Lessons by The Flute Coach. Private flute lessons delivered by either Skype or Zoom by our resident tutor, Monique. These one-on-one lessons allow you to partner with a highly qualified tutor for personal, real-time feedback - wherever you are in the world, at a time that suits you and when you need help the most.

Learn more at

So why online lessons?

There's lots of debate about whether online lessons can be effective. I'm sure most folks would agree... IF face to face lessons were an option for them, they'd love to participate. However, this isn't always the case due to tricky work and family commitments, remote living locations and a lack of local teachers. So if its the choice between NEVER LEARNING or learning online, then learning online is definitely becoming a more and more attractive option.

BUT for all its amazing benefits, I can almost guarantee we’ve all felt a little lost at times in the endless sea of information out there...

So how can an online tutor help? These are just SOME of the ways...

Diagnose playing habits that may be working against you
Introduce you to new and exciting repertoire to develop you as a player
Help you learn to read and interpret the language of music and make your playing more expressive
Provide support and encouragement over the long term
Help you get the most out of your practice time

So if you’ve ever been curious about trying an online private lesson, why not take us on a test run? Click to see how you can access your first lesson with Monique for 50% OFF. There's flexible and automatic scheduling, no ongoing subscription and my money back guarantee

Learn more at

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