G note not popping up correctly

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G note not popping up correctly

Post by emilmclark »

I have searched and searched and cannot figure out what is up.

So Back Story: I was asked to play my flute in church on Sunday (asked months ago. suppose to play this following Sunday). And to prepare for this, I figured I'd get my flute cleaned and any maintenance done (it's been a good 10+ years so it was time). Check. Done. Then life happened and I forgot to pull my flute out and check it for a good month and a half. Finally, I pull it out and notice a note being weird. I think "oh. it's just sticky. easy fix." Then more of life happens and the next thing I know, I'm playing in a week. So I pull it out and play through my song (forgot about the weird note... it's been an interesting past month. death and sickness in the family). I do my sticky note fix... realize it's not a sticky note issue...

I have just spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. I've undone springs and screws and I cannot for the life of me figure it out! My G note will not spring up correctly and I don't know why!!! I'm not in the mood to pull it all apart and put it back together. I can take it back to the repair shop but (1) I will most likely have to pay AGAIN because it's been long enough and I honestly have no idea where my receipt is. (2) it's very likely I wouldn't get my flute back before Sunday.

So the main issue... When I go from playing F to G. The G Key will not pop up correctly, therefore, making it not sound right. If I press the F key, the G key pops up just fine. But not when I click the F# key. I've dealt with different issues before but this one is completely baffling me. I plan on calling the repair place tomorrow but I'd love if I didn't have to drive an hour and pay money if it's something I can fix. Any thoughts?

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Re: G note not popping up correctly

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There is no easy way to troubleshoot your problem remotely. You've already checked the springs and screws but you didn't indicate how you determined there was no problem there. The next most likely issues could be a rusty hinge rod or a bent hinge rod or key hinge. If you had maintenance performed a month or so ago, it's unlikely to be rust or just needing oil as that service would remedy such issues. It's unlikely that the problem existed when it left the shop. I would bet the hinge is binding and it is difficult to find the problem unless you are experienced with flute repairs. Your best bet is to have a pro tech check it. The shop probably has records of your cleaning and maintenance, but since you didn't immediately discover any issue, it may not be warrantied.
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