Combining Instruments?

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Combining Instruments?

Post by malc »

What do people prefer as a partner , for the melody part of things ? I quite like the blend of oboe and flute.

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Re: Combining Instruments?

Post by pied_piper »

Each combination has a unique sound and the choice depends upon the effect desired.
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Re: Combining Instruments?

Post by SylvreKat »

I've played a concert band piece where he paired the solo picc with...wait for it...solo TUBA. Sure, and why not pair the highest with the lowest, and see where tuning ends up? We decided the arranger was drugged during that part. (edit to say it was a medley of TX songs, the duet being Streets of Laredo--and by "duet" I do mean only us two playing. Boy was it odd!)

And our resident composer wrote a song last year with picc, oboe (actually, English Horn), and bassoon trio/solo. Hm, the three instruments most notorious for and joked about tuning issues. Again, why not? I asked him afterwards if he had us specific players in mind when he wrote, or if it was just the instruments in general. He wrote that solo specifically for each of us--I was very flattered!

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Re: Combining Instruments?

Post by collie »

Years ago I played a flute duet with an oboe. It was awesome and so well received - the mellow tone of the flute with the eerie sound of the oboe. The audience actually gave us a standing ovation!

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Re: Combining Instruments?

Post by Chris Carr »

Depends. I tend to like flute and guitar together. I wrote and recorded tune a few years ago with my band where the flute had a nice conversation with a violin.

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