Jupiter di Medici 1011 Series

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Jupiter di Medici 1011 Series

Post by sharong »

Does anybody have an opinion on this flute. It appears to have alot of good features (such as solid silver body) at a good price. :?:

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Post by fluttiegurl »

Personally, I was not impressed. When I played, the sound did not carry the way I wanted. It was the same for the four students of mine who tried at a different time.

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Re: Jupiter di Medici 1011 Series

Post by kmart57 »

I just bought my 3rd Jupiter. They say the Jupiter Carnegie XL-1050 is the same as a Jupiter di Medici 1011 like my other two.

For me my family who is pretty challenging to please said that my tone improved tremendously when I upgraded from a Selmer Omega to the
Jupiter di Medici. I guess it just depends on what flutes are available when you are in the market,your budget and what is available. It is hard to find
an Intermediate Flute that is solid silver. My service person will not service flutes unless they are solid silver, so I had an incentive
to stay with the Jupiter di Medici. I have recorded with this flute. Although, I did not study flute in college I have been in Community Bands (2) or Church Bands (2) most of my life. For concert use in a college setting this may not be the right flute but, it has served me well. My service person uses Straubinger pads, and due to the partial handcrafting it can be shimmed.

Recently, four years after buying my second di Medici, I was told by the band director at my church that I played the best I ever have! I do not live near my service person anymore, but I know my flute should be serviced annually.

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