Is this flute beyond repair

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Is this flute beyond repair

Post by raspberry »

Its a 25 year professional Gemeinhardt flute its in REALLY bad shape. The head joint is in perfect condition but you can't press down the keys, some keys are FALLING OFF, the flute is so bent up you can't even put it together. Would it costs more to repair than to replace it? And if it would, since this is a solid silver flute, where could I sell the flute as is and make a tiny bit of money?

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Re: Is this flute beyond repair

Post by JamesBLafrance »

What you have done with your flute? My brother faced the same situation few years a ago. He decided to first know the repair price and also the cost of replacement and then decide. Professional music stores like this gives you the option to repair your instruments with the help of the professionals and also rent you the musical instruments for the time period.

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