Tenon size for pearl elegante?? Help!!

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Tenon size for pearl elegante?? Help!!

Post by PiccoloBoy14 »

Does anyone know the head joint tenon size for the pearl elegante line of flutes? I want to buy the GUO grenaditte head joint, but I don't know which tenon size to buy. Any help?? Thanks!!

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Re: Tenon size for pearl elegante?? Help!!

Post by fluteguy18 »

I'm assuming that you're wanting to purchase the 'Executor' headjoint, and that this is a standard wall thickness Pearl flute. I would get the 0.016" (19.8mm) tenon. Basically what they're specifying here is the thickness of the tubing rather than the diameter. The 0.014" thickness is a thinwall headjoint tubing size (usually). Both of these however can be fit to your flute body without too much difficulty by a competent technician. Either the tenon will be expanded to fit or will be shrunken to fit. Both methods are often fine tuned by sanding the tenon so that the fit is extremely smooth and even.

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