Latin - Salsa -Flute

Basics of Flute Playing, Tone Production and Fingerings, Using Metronomes, Scales, Tone, Studies, etc.

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Latin - Salsa -Flute

Post by PAN »

Hi !

I m not exactly new in this forum ... but I had to register under a new name, since my old one had gone blank and didn t want to work no longer.

My Question now is a bit complicated...I guess,
I am heavily into Salsa, Merengue and other Latin-musics right now....
I love to play fast and staccato......BUT I feel there is a great difference in the intonation of the "normal" flute...
and the Latin flute.

To make it clear I will exagerate a seems as if Salsaflutes like to use the wrong scale once in a while....and press it into the right intonation.

NOW...I don t want to know HOW to do this....( I am doing it allready ) ...but rather - if it is a spcific technique, wether there is a spcific name to it and whether there are common samples for this kind of playing.

The Latinamerican well as the carribbean music has a lot of African influenzes...slurring and downphrazing...such as a Sopranosax would do......and the Flute is amazing in the ability to do the same......but HOW are these Techniques called, and how are they defined ??

To put it in other words... I can play Latin-""wrong/blue-Notes"" but I don t know how I am actually doing it ( THATs not so important ) BUT HOW they are They are written and officially fingered, would be very ineresting.

Just listen to some Salsa-Flutes closely....and You will hear, that they are beyond classical music, aleft from Jazz, and aright from somewehrere else.....

What exactly is this called /referred as ??


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Re: Latin - Salsa -Flute

Post by Valero »

come on!!! Just like you, I'm dying to hear some one reply to this!!!

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