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Re: Muramatsu Model Question

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pied_piper wrote:
ongmy wrote:The flute is in yellow color and with muramatsu label on it.I saw the photo .Is it a lousy flute or what we just have to try it :roll:
Muramatsu makes GOLD flutes, not bronze.
Read their website. They make 9K, 14K, 18K, and 24K gold flutes.

Muramatsu makes very fine flutes.
One day I am sure you will find ebay selling this kind of flute.It is not a gold flute for sure. Can you imagine people selling a gold flute only $1000 to me?
Yes,there are crazy people selling 14k brannen brogger for only $10000 but it will not be $1000!

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Re: Muramatsu Model Question

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I tried the DS, GX, and EX models of Muramatsu. I felt the EX had the best sound, but when I switched headjoints with the GX, the GX had the same qualities as the EX on the original head. What matters is the craftsmanship of the headjoint, not the material of the body. So I ended up getting the EX to replace my old secondary flute.

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