Yamaha800 series flutes question

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Yamaha800 series flutes question

Post by Emmyflute »

Hi all:
I am interested in possibly purchasing a Yamaha 800 series flute. Does anyone know the difference between the different body types? Flute World has some great discounts accept on the YFL-877 flute. Does anyone know about this flute? It has a number 7 body type. Does anyone know what is good about a number 7 body type? Can any Yamaha headjoint be purchased for any flute? Does anyone play an 800 series flute? If so, what do you think of it?
Thanks for any help.

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Re: Yamaha800 series flutes question

Post by cocuswood96 »

The Yamaha 7 series flutes (877,887) are the new handmade flutes Yamaha has spent many years perfecting.
They are a real improvement- There are two types of new headjoints, A and B. Gold risers are available.
These new Yamaha flutes are comparable with the top flutes being made here and abroad. The 14 K Gold flutes are world class. I have played the silver and gold flutes with A type headjoint and I strongly encourage anyone looking for a flute to consider these. Extremely accurate scale, very homogenous thruout the octaves, great 3rd octave, easy hI C# and D in 4th octave.

Yamaha headjoints are .038mm(.015 in thousands) tubing thickness and generally fit any Yamaha flute above the student models.

C# trill is available on these flutes, very recommended.

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