Deford piccolo...need advice quick!

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Deford piccolo...need advice quick!

Post by Arianna »

I have a student looking to buy a piccolo and has come across a used Deford piccolo. I know NOTHING about this brand and cannot find much online. Does anyone know anything??? It is wooden and she thinks they said it is handmade. But, I am scared to recommend something I know nothing about. I am going to go try it today for her, but really would like some input :) Thanks!

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Post by c_otter »

From a brief online search, it looks like Emerson Deford left Emerson, and has now started Deford flutes. So it looks like there could be potential, and it's definitely better than a no-name Chinese flute. So if the price is right it could be a good deal, but I have no personal experience with these flutes.

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Post by wimm »

One of my first flutes was a Deford, and I thought it was a very decent (student type) flute. Don't know about the piccolos though...

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