Need Heavier Crown

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Need Heavier Crown

Post by Reedsndeeds »


I have a 20 yr old Haynes HJ, which has a more modernish cut and noticed when I put the crown on it, from my 1953 Haynes flute HJ, which is much longer & heavier, the high notes are easier to play. I like it better, it's easier to control...just a little bit, but enough to make a difference.

I'm continuing to use this, but would like to get a heavier crown, to use on the HJ all the time. (so I can put the other one back on its original head)

Therefore, I guess I could call Haynes & see what they can sell me. (Not really interested in different metals, just one that weighs more)
or find an "aftermarket" one.

Any suggestions out there?

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Post by pied_piper »

If you want a "stock" Haynes crown that is heavier, you should probably contact Haynes to see what they offer.

There are a number of "aftermarket" crowns available, but they usually are different than standard flute crowns. Here's a few sources:
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Post by fluteguy18 »

Crowns are curious little things. I know a guy that tried a crown on his flute, and he could NOT play a high C at all. He blew, and blew, and blew for about a half hour, and it would not come out. Furthermore, he wasn't just a local amateur. He was one of the top players in the area who does a lot of orchestra gigs. One of my flute teachers tried a crown (from the same maker as her flute, and it was the SAME DESIGN) and it made her flute sound a lot darker.

I tried a crown on my flute that was from an identical model, and it made my flute sound fuzzy.

So.... try them out! You never know what they will do...

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Post by pied_piper »

Stoppers can also have a subtle effect on the sound of a flute. There are a wide variety of stoppers available and each is a bit different. I already referred to Bigio in my previous post. He has stoppers made from various materials.

I bought one on eBay several years ago and very much liked it. It seemed to open-up the sound and give my flute more projection. This is the one I have: ... 41482029a7

Some others on eBay: ... 335b9f7060

I'm intrigued by this one, but it costs a bit more and I wonder if the additional weight would affect the balance. ... 439e4d2d7d
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Post by MissyHPhoenix »

Several months ago I bought a rose-gold crown with an amber gem inset to use on my Prima Sankyo. I was actually surprised at the difference it made -- the tone was already beautiful, and this just brightened it up a little more. It is a subtle difference, but there, and I love it! Also, it is absolutely beautiful on my flute! I never thought that a gem crown would make a difference, but it really does.

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Post by WalterMitty »

pied_piper wrote: Some others on eBay: ... 335b9f7060
I bought this one (the exact one), yesterday! :)

I'm thinking about cutting down the the cork on one of my cheap flute that has loose dry cork, to see if shorter cork length has any effect.

Also, since I put teflon plumbing tape around the loose cork, the cheap chinese flute seems to be making good sound.
I don't know if it's me getting better on the instrument or the cork, (or the extremely thin layer of silver plating I'm adding), though.

When I get the new stopper, I will check it with the rubber O-ring, and then teflon tape, as well.

Also, now I'm ARMED with a graphical tuner to see what kind of sound I'm making.

This is a free software and it's not perfect, but pretty interesting to see the spectrum of sound in real time.

I think there is lots of overtone (the double of the base frequency) when I'm making what I consider as a good sound (in lower register, especially), to the point the tuner thinks I'm making A2 instead of A1, for example.

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Post by lula »

I looked at the John Lunn glory's that go on top of the crown. I want one that is 14kt. gold that will match my mouth piece. I looked at the question about the crowns and it said it could sometimes change the sound. Will a glory change the sound on my flute? Just wondering.

Thanks in advance! -Lula :P

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Post by DivaricationOfMind »

if you want to add additional weight to your current crown you can try putting a few washers through the threaded rod that keeps your crown in place.

It's really interesting to experiment with this. I suggest adding them one by one until you find the ideal weight. I put some sticky tack between the washers to keep them from moving around.

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