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flute repertoire

Post by carkur »

I'm 16 years old. I have been playing flute for 6 years. The last year I have played pieces like Mozart G-major, Bach E-major sonata, Taffanel Andante Pastoral et Scherzettino, Chaminade Concertino, Borne Carmen, Milhaud sonatine ++
I wondered if you had some tips and advice on new repertoire? I want to play new things. What do you play, and what du you like?
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Post by stewyflute13 »

Logically, the next step would be pieces like the widor suite, poulenc sonata, bozza image. Eventually, you will want to play pieces like the Prokofiev sonata, Dutilleux Sonatine, and Martin Ballade. Finally, pieces such as the Nielsen and Ibert concertos would be great tour de forces when you are older. It sounds like you are very good, but don't forget not to push yourself too hard and that equally as important as practicing difficult music is playing slow, beautiful melodies, never forgetting the fundamentals, and "feeding" your craft through simply growing and maturing in life experience, and taking care of yourself in all aspects of your life.


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Post by Arianna »

Good suggestions...along with that, how about moving through the Bach Sonatas. In college I did an in depth study on them (even though I had 'played' many of them in HS) and it was wonderful. I still love working on them today. I would save the e minor, b minor and partita for later in your Bach exploration though...I feel those are both technically harder and need more knowledge of Bach to play stylistically well.
Also, some things that I enjoyed around the level you seem to describe...Hindemith Sonata, Doppler Hungarian Pastoral Fantasy (some people do this earlier, but a fun piece), maybe explore some flute alone rep like Debussy Syrinx, Honneger Danse de la Chevre (spell?), Hoover Kokopelli, etc.
Also, I think you wrote you had done the Mozart G, why not look over the D Major. I like that because it doesn't seem quite as overplayed (quite).

But, as said, good rep isn't all there is. I have some students who seem to try to play through all kinds of great music and avoid fundamentals. If you are not working on them (for a good bit of time during practices) try some books like: Reichart 7 Daily exercises, Moyse Exercise Journal, Taffanel and Gaubert Volume 2, etc. And some good tone exercises like: Moyse De la Sonorite, Moyse Tone Development Through Interpretation, Wye Tone, etc...

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