Miyazawa PCM models

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Miyazawa PCM models

Post by ExPhysKid »

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone has any first-hand experience with the PCM alloy models by Miyazawa? I have been completely impressed by Sankyo and Miyazawa's silver models, but have not tried a PCM flute by Miyazawa yet. Before I spend money on a trial, I was wondering if anyone has any insights they would be willing to share? Specifically, how does the sound compare with one of Miyazawa's similarly priced silver flutes? Any help at all would be welcome. Thanks!

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Post by fluteguy18 »

The PCM models are currently out of production. So you'd have to find a used one. When I tried out all of the models I actually liked the 202 model the best (sterling head, plated body), so that's what I purchased. Now with more experience and looking to getting a higher caliber flute in the next few years (I want to upgrade to gold), I'm looking elsewhere. I just wasn't that impressed with the higher models that Miyazawa makes. But, they have two new headjoint cuts that might make a big difference. I tried the MZ9 two years ago and liked it quite a bit more than my MZ7. I hear the MZ10 is amazing. They completely sold out of them at NFA this past summer. Their entire stock (at the convention AND at their outlet center) was depleted. It took weeks to get a new shipment in.

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Re: Miyazawa PCM models

Post by jack2762 »

can anyone givr me a feedback on the miyazawa PCM 300 model? There is one on the market selling for $1000. hardly used. like brandnew. i know for a fact they dont make the PCM anymore. Was the pcm models more successful in producing a better sound than the miyazawa silver models? i dont like the airy sound of the 80b. i think even a yamaha yfl222 is better than the 80b. is 900USD too much? will the pcm 300 also gain in value in the future? Also a senior flutist who also has a collection of flutes told me that the kind of flute gold, platinum, silver has nothing to do with sound! he says its all show and bragging rights! is this true?

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