Resona by Burkart?

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Resona by Burkart?

Post by asamd74 »

Does anyone have a review on the Resona by Burkart? I saw it on a website but I haven't heard it and the music store where I'm at hasn't even heard of them.

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Post by Zevang »

Take a look at

Found it just typing "resona flute" at google.

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Post by Tarandros »

The main reference on the web page mentioned above was to a Spanish language flute site and the relevant article contained an abysmal automated translation, so as I know Spanish, I'll attempt a translation of my own. I'll also append the Spanish original for anyone who wants to see that and is familiar with Spanish or a native speaker.

'Resona 200, the new flute by Burkhart

This new model by Burkhart now completes the range of flutes from this company in an innovative sector of the market.

The 'Resona' flute has the same approved scale as high quality instruments such as flutes by Lillian Burkart and models by Burkart & Phelan.

The body is made of high grade silver and the mechanism consists of silver plated open hole keys with pointed arms. It has gold spings and Straubinger pads. The headjoint, also of high grade silver, sets the seal on the excellent quality of these instruments.

Among the various options are: in line keys or with offset G, C or B footjoint and split E or inline G.

Altogether, its superior quality, performance and unbeatable price leave this model without competition among the various options currently available in the market.

Try one! You won't regret it!

Contact an official Burkart salesperson.

Characteristics of the Resona 200 flute:

-solid tube, high grade silver
-open holes and pointed arms
-Burkart scale
-silver plated mechanism
-white gold spings
-Straubinger pads
-high grade silver Burkart headjoint
-inline or offset G
-optional Split E mechanism (only with offset G)

List price $3,600

Resona 200, la nueva flauta de Burkart

Este nuevo modelo de Burkart viene a completar la linea de flautas de esta empresa en un segmento sin precedentes en el mercado.
La flauta "Resona" posee la misma reconocida escala que los instrumentos de alta gama, como son las flautas Lillian Burkart y los modelos Burkart & Phelan.

El tubo es de plata fina y su mecanismo con llaves abiertas, del tipo "pointed arms", bañadas en plata . Posee resortes de oro y zapatillas Straubinger. La embocadura, también de plata fina, corona estos instrumentos dándole una singular calidad. Entre sus opciones: llaves "en linea" o con sol "caido", cola de Do o cola de Si y mi partido o "G-insert".

Su relación entre la excelente calidad, desempeño y precio inmejorable, ubican a este modelo en un lugar sin competencia dentro de las opciones disponibles actualmente en el mercado

¡Pruébelas! no se arrepentirá.

Contáctese con un representante oficial Burkart

Características de la flauta Resona 200:

- Cuerpo macizo de Plata fina
- Llaves abiertas y "pointed-arms"
- Escala Burkart
- Mecanismo bañado en Plata fina
- Resortes de oro blanco
- Zapatillas Straubinger
- Embocadura de Plata fina "Resona" by Burkart
- Llaves en linea o "Offset G"
- Opción de Mecanismo de Mi partido (solo con mecanismo "Off-set G")

Precio de lista: U$S 3600

Regards, T.
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Post by Tarandros »

Just found one here on special offer for just under £2,000 which I think is around $3,000 so quite a lot below the list price mentioned in my last reply. The link also contains a description and photos that can be enlarged: ... JM3563.htm

There seems to be a discrepancy though, between the description here and the Spanish description above as the flute on sale here is referred to as having a silver plated body whereas the other description is clear that the body as well as the headjoint are solid silver, so you'd need to clear up this point if you were thinking of buying one.

Allright, now I'm editing this message as I've found another link that confirms that the flute does in fact have a solid tube not a plated one so probably the Just Flutes description is wrong: ... 196?v=info

The last paragraph says: 'Solid sterling silver body, gold springs, Burkart quality, ergonomic keywork and touch pieces and a USA-made sterling silver headjoint.'

Reading between the lines, I guess what's going on with these flutes is that Burkart outsource the production of the body to China or somewhere to their specifications, but use their own US-made headjoint.

And finally, here's the official Resona website, confirming that the flute is indeed solid silver (wish I'd found this earlier!):

This is the Resona 200. To confuse matters, Just Flutes are also selling a Resona 100 which unlike the 200 has a silver plated body, not a solid body (around £900, i.e. around $1400): ... JM3562.htm

Kind regards, T.

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