Armstrong Eb flutes

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Armstrong Eb flutes

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Several years ago, I was able to obtain an Armstrong Eb flute. During the later few years of my teaching, I believe one of my students made off with the horn. It was fun to play and I would really like to replace it.
Armstrong made an Eb Flute in the mid 1960's, and it's purpose was to make flute playing much easier for those younger musicians with a shorter arm reach (i.e. 6th grade students and younger). It didn't go over well because the music companies wouldn't print music books for that key of Flute. Later, someone got the idea of simply using a curved head joint to help those students and then they could have a Flute in C, rather than in Eb, to learn on.
If anyone has one they'd like to part with, or if they know of someone (music store?) that has one for sale, please let me know.
Thank you,
Ray in California

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