Need help dating my piccolo

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Need help dating my piccolo

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Hey everyone I have a Gemeinhardt < CW > Piccolo. It is made of grenadilla wood and has both a wooden and sterling silver head joint in a French style case with a reddish brown leather zipper case . The serial number is 2550 when I look online there are no CW models on the website. Someone told me that they are the w4/4w models is this true? I would just like to know how old my piccolo is

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Re: Need help dating my piccolo

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The CW just means it is a C piccolo made of wood. I think you can use the 4W serial number chart. 2550 would place it in the 1981-1985 range. Since yours in on the lower end of that range it was likely made in 81 or 82.
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